11-D Tire Sealant Explained from 11-D International on Vimeo.

11-D Tyre Sealant is an innovative liquid solution designed to protect your tyres against 90% of all common tyre failures. 11-D Tyre Sealant is a preventative maintenance product which is applied inside a tyre and once applied, it will protect the tyre against punctures for the complete tyre life. When a tyre is punctured, 11-D Tyre Sealant is forced into the hole and it has the unique capability that when it is pressed that it will form a permanent seal instantly.

     Product Characteristics

11-D Tyre Sealant is a worry free solution, which is easily applied through the valve of the tyre or poured in before the tyre is mounted on the rim. Once applied, it will offer protection against 40-50 punctures. Because the product contains conservatories (just like food) so that it has no shelf life. It has been designed to work at extreme operating temperatures of – 40C and +40C, and it is nontoxic and non-flammable for safe use. Because 11-D Tyre Sealant is bio degradable, it is easy to remove (rinse our with water) and easy to dispose.

  • Bio degradable
  • Works at -40C & +40C
  • No Shelf life
  • Protection against 40-50 punctures
  • Easy to apply and remove

     Impact of 11-D Tyre Sealant

Tyre punctures have a much greater impact than just the repair cost. By using 11-D Tyre Sealant, the operability of the vehicle/fleet is improved dramatically. Vehicle downtime is reduced to a minimum, and thus labour cost, fuel cost are reduced. More importantly, it will improve your ability to deliver on time.

  • Prevents tyre punctures 24/7 36
  • Improves Fleet Operability
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Prevents frustration